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Prayer is one of the instruments that generates power. #DavidIbiyeomie

Prayer is one of the instruments that generates power. If you are prayerful there is no situation you cannot turn around. God will not intervene in the affairs of man until man prays. Matthew 18:18, Psalm 65:2, Luke 18:1.
Prayer is something God wants us to do continuously.
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Salvation Ministries – Transforming life! Impacting our World!

Salvation Ministries Free Skill Acquisition Center, today graduated 400 Nigerian youths whom she has successfully trained in different skills ranging from catering, bag and shoe making, phone and computer repairs, cake and pastries.
Between 2017 and 2018 first-quarter, the Church has successfully trained over 2000 youths in different skills acquisition. The aim is to help them acquire up to date skills in different trades; thereby creating a pool of skilled workforce who are self-reliant and capable of training and employing others.
The program is designed to equip the young people with knowledge and skills they need to improve themselves, become successful entrepreneurs and in turn contribute significantly to the nation’s workforce. Every material needed for this training was made available by the Commission. Below are the products produced by the trainees! Salvation Ministries – Transforming life! Impacting our World!


LEADERSHIP TAKEN TO GRASSROOTS...  Oji Ngofa meets Ebubu people... Ebubu is the nativity of Collegiate-Alternate Leader of Eleme APC, Hon. Fortune Oguruwho was immediate past Permanent Secretary of Government House, Rivers State. In addition to the celebration of the Ambassador, a baby-boy was named after him, Baby Ambassador Oji Ngofa Aforji Oguru. Congratulations to the Ambassador!

David Ibiyeomie Foundation;A total number of 115 persons are currently undergoing Pipeline welding training, fish farming, chemical production, e.t.c

A total number of 115 persons are currently undergoing Pipeline welding training, fish farming, chemical production, fire fighting and industrial elect. training, Ongoing at Salvation Ministries, Marine Base Satellite Church. All materials paid for by the church. God Bless DIF


YOU CAN'T RESTRUCTURE WHAT NEVER EXISTED Restructuring is a dead desire. You can't restructure what never existed. Tell yourself the truth, in real terms apart from paper and documents, does Nigeria really exist? Does Nigeria really exist or it's just people living together trying to deceive themselves and believe a lie that they're one people when they have nothing in common? What joins the ijaw man with Fulani? How can anyone convince the Ogoja man that he is one with the blood thirsty cultured Fulani who from time in memorial has attempted to expand their dead religion to other people and subdue the people's culture and way of life? How can you convince the Urhobo man that he is one with the Hausa that beat a groom with sticks just because he seeks to marry a lady that they're one people, how can he comprehend that? How can you convince the Igbo man who detests laziness and takes pride in working with his hands that he is one with the lazy Fulani that takes…


OUR 21ST ANNIVERSARY IS DRAWING CLOSER! Salvation ministries started on the 13th of April 1997 at plot 35 Birabi Street GRA 1 Port Harcourt with 34 members: 15 males, 10 females and 9 children in attendance. Today, she has become a church with an over-flowing crowd in her headquarters now located at plot 17 Birabi Street GRA 1 Port Harcourt, her satellite churches and on the internet. Salvation ministries has increased from one Sunday service to five power-packed Sunday services. In 2001, Salvation Ministries started her television program called THE HOUR OF SALVATION on NTA channel 10 Port Harcourt with the maiden episode, “FAITH IS NOW”. Today, she runs the same television program in over 40 television stations both locally and internationally. Some of these stations include: Salvation TV; the television station of the Commission
Day star USA
WRNN New York
KICC Television London
Inspiration Television United Kingdom
BEN TV United Kingdom
WJYS TV Chica…

Facilities of Death; by OLLORWI OSARO

"Facilities of Death
Rain is dripping; women are in the Echieta market buying and selling cassava.
The cassavas are malnourished, tiny and premature.
The women appear sickly and underfeed.
A woman came carrying a basin of Cassava, dark black particles all over her body.
Above my head hang thick black smokes, emanating from two nostrils of PH Refinery.
A turn brought me face to face with poisonous gas emitting from INDORAMA.
The impacts of pollution from fertilizer plants on men and population is only discussed in the bedroom, with most men faking sickness or tiredness.
Our women visit hospitals and different health facilities in search of solution to fertility challenges.
There is death everywhere, but the death rate in Eleme is alarming.
Illnesses that were hitherto unknown in Eleme are now widespread.
Day and night the facilities run endlessly, producing wealth for Nigeria, but creating diseases and death for Eleme.
Perpetually, the land and people weep, counting their losses and mourning…

Breaking News!!! In less than one month;Michael Osaro Jnr

since the inception of the New caretaker committee, clean water has finally returned to Eleme, the waterboard is now actively functional courtesy of the good gesture of the New Chairman CTC Eleme Local Government Council Hon. Godwin Abey-Ollo. Thank you sir for putting Eleme first.