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The Fall of Nzeribe-Part 4

The Fall of Nzeribe-Part 4
"Allow The Small Boy to enjoy the udara He picked on the wayside"
(Authur Nzeribe reacting to his defeat to his boy-the young Osita Izunazo in December 2006)
Just like with IBB and Abacha, He was back to his old self "THE MASTERMIND" in 2003 by pulling out a trick out of his bag of politricks
Authur Nzeribe who was a Mastermind Cat with Nine Lives rode to electoral Victory in 2003 after defecting from the All People's party(APP) to the people's democratic party(PDP).
The Resident Electoral Commissioner in Cross River State, Mike Igini in 2011 on Sunrise Daily, said that ‘there has been no election in Oguta from time, Nzeribe just wrote the results’, Igini was saying what was common knowledge. What Nzeribe electorally did in Oguta, he also inflicted on the entire senatorial zone.
A social Commentator, Kanayo esinulo speaks about Nzeribe's Political tricks.
He said "In the evening,I had a conversation with my father who was approaching 90-An Nzeribe Fan, I asked him as If I didn't know what his answer will be,whom he would vote for in the election that was just three weeks away. My father said he would vote for 'Atta nzeribe' and I asked Why Nzeribe everytime?, I asked the old man pretending to be angry.Papa shocked me.He said "Wether you vote Nzeribe or Not He would win. That small radio you people bought for us(pointing at it) will tell us He won.So why don't I vote for him than waasting my time besides his messengers know how to see us with something"
He continued by saying "Later I understood the full meaning of that phrase 'see us with something'. It simply means Bags of Rice and stock fish for the villagers especially retirees to share. In the pre-civil war Nigeria, Papa voted NCNC and for ZIK from the 40's but He never sent Rice,Stockfish or pounds but He later educated me later in the day that 'Zik's Grammar and courage to challenge the white people drew us close to him and his party,NCNC
The Maverick Returned to the Senate in 2003, He didn't let go ambition to become The President of the Senate but Obasanjo would never trade such opportunity with an inconsistent fellow.
In 2006, The Then Governor of Imo State sponsored the Orlu people's consultative forumstaged what it called “One million March” to drum support for Nzeribe’s recall from the Senate.
Nzeribe didn't take them serious as He believed himself more than any man would but He wouldn't just be disgraced so he ended up petitioning the EFCC to investigate the activities of Governors and The way they misappropriated funds met for Local Government Chairmen and their LGAS using Imo State as a case study where Udenwa was accused of deducting N56m monthly from each of the LGA allocation.This led to the arrest of all the LGA chairmen from Lagos and Abuja for Questioning.Why lagos and Abuja? Not Imo? Ask Nuhu Ribadu..The battle line was drawn
Achike Udenwa wanted to also run for senate in 2007 to Replace Authur Nzeribe but He wanted to first Humiliate Authur Nzeribe. He got the then Hon. Osita Izunazo.
Osita Izunazo is one of the reasons I embarked on this Research as He inspired me deeply. In 1992, At 26, Young Osita ran and won a seat in the House of Representatives. In 1995, At 29, he became Chief Press Secretary to the then Minster of sports and Youths. In 1998,He was appointed the minister of Labour and productivity 32. In 1999 at 33, He returned to the House of Representatives and was the Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker. He returned in 2003.
The Reason Udenwa decided to use Hon. Osita is because Osita had been Nzeribe's media aide and boy for over 10 years before he stood as a man..
He wanted to betray a serial betrayer with a stooge and protégé. However, Udenwa wanted Osita to relinquish the Ticket to him once He won.
In November 2006, Authur petitioned The IG of police that All his opponents were after his life and while they were shuttling Abuja and Owerri for the Case, Nzeribe was busy campaigning Heavily.
In December 2006, The unexpected happened, A 40 year young small boy, A nobody, Someone Authur usually called "Nwatakiri"- meaning very small boy emerged the PDP flag bearer for Imo west. Everyone expected Authur to fight back to obasanjo who was about leaving office was trying to purge the system of his likes. After loosing at the Party's Panel which he would have challenged and appealed their decision, He simply just said "Enough is Enough,Let the young boy enjoy the udara He picked on the wayside".
Udenwa went back to collect the Ticket from young Osita but Sugar wey don enter Garri no dey come out.
In 2007, Authur was appointed a member of the PDP board of trustees
On 2nd November 2008, he claimed that He would dole out a few tricks from his bag of tricks that would send shock waves to The Nigerian Political sphere as nobody understands him
In 2011, Jonathan had challenges as regards emerging the PDP Presidential flag bearer so as to complete The Yardua/Jonathan ticket in 2007.
Boom! Authur appeared from No where and called a "World press conference"
He said Jonathan is not morally obliged to allow the North complete its term in office.
He cited the usual refrain of opponents of zoning that zoning has never been sacrosanct in the PDP. He said "If the leaders of our party believed and respected zoning, Engineer Barnabas Gemade and Alhaji Abubakar Rimi both North (North-Central and North-West respectively), should not have contested the 2002 primary election of our party. In 2007 when presidency was believed to have been zoned to the North, Southerners and Easterners from PDP, including Peter Odili, Victor Attah, Donald Duke, Achike Udenwa and Sam Egwu challenged Northern aspirants that included Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, Abdullahi Adamu and Professor Jerry Gana.
Zoning can only be made sacrosanct, if the sitting President determined as such. What stops him from doing so in his favour and indeed offering to run particularly as the national constitution does not bar him, in addition to the party's constitution being silent on it as to whether a sitting president should run or not."
With the likes of Ayim around Jonathan, Nzeribe wasn't taking serious which was soo unusual to him(Nzeribe)
During 2015 Elections, He decided to appear again with what I probably called "His 9th and last life". He claimed that He has never been part of the decision making process of who occupies the Douglas House in Owerri Imo State. Consultations started but Odogwu Ogbuagu wasn't fit enough to follow his decision to the latter. Jonathan visited Imo state in 2015 but couldn't see Nzeribe which wasn't available on Health grounds.
By November, Ogbuagu would be 79, With Ill Health usually associated with Old age and loosing some close relatives and confidants. The man who cheated Death reaching forth for immortality, has become a shadow of himself
Final Note
From the days of Nwame Nkurumah to General Ankrah down to the Bloodbath between Gowon and Ojokwu, through the years of silence and The grand entrance into The Nigerian Political sphere through the influential Amino Kano and Zik of Africa, down to becoming a senator in the truncated would have been second republic to another long while of silence, then The second return to the senate in 1992 in The Babaginda Dynasty and the annulment of the Fairest election, then The will of the God over Abacha's self succession unto our gloriously walk into democracy and the Politricks in the 4th National Assembly to the electoral Hulaboo that ushered him into the 5th Assembly for a record of 4th time in roll to the Road walk to defeat BY A VERY SMALL BOY then to the Total silence and Annihilation by Nature.
Note: The fall of Nzeribe shall be continued as wake call up call to the Youth to take their rightful place in Destiny and TAKE OVER..


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