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making money online in Nigeria was only a dream. PROMISE EXCEL

About ten years ago, making money online in Nigeria was only a dream. A lot of the people who were making money online then were the “yahoo-yahoo boys” – online fraudsters.

So, it was perceived that anyone who was making money online was a scammer (yahoo-yahoo boy). There were only very few Nigerians who were making real legitimate money online.

Now the game has changed. A ten year-old boy with a computer and an internet connection can make a living online.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 86,219,965 (86.2 million) Internet Users in Nigeria (2016).

What does that mean?

It means that there are over 86 million potential customers in Nigeria waiting to buy from you. Anything can be produced and sold online. Anything like books, apps, softwares, videos, pictures etc.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that making money online is easier than making money offline.

The truth of the matter is, there are only two ways you can make money online in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

You either sell a product, a service or both. there’s no magic.

Whether it is affiliate marketing, freelance writing, publishing Google ads or whatever.

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You MUST SELL SOMETHING to make money.

Blogging alone will not make you a dime. I realized that truth earlier enough in my blogging career and it has made a diiference in my life.

A blog is only a tool or platform like the Social Media (FAcebook, twitter, instagram etc) to build an audience and SELL SOMETHING TO THEM.

Stop waiting for the glorious day, Google Adsense will approve your account. That day may never come.

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When I started blogging newly I was jumping from one CPC and CPM ad Network to another. I tried everything under the sun. I was seriously distracted by ad networks like Adquet, Infolink, Chikita, bidvertizer,, Google Adsense and a host of others too nmuerous to mention or remember.

I was really frustrated.

After all the sweet sweet things I’ve read about making money online? Why is it so difficult?

Then I decided to dump every Ad network and focus on doing just two things: sell products and services on my blog.

I have never regretted this decision.

People visit my blog and they’re like: how do you make money? There is no Google ad displayed on it?

I just smile and say, “I sell my services”

You can check my service page here

So for this important topic of making money online in Nigeria, I featured over 30 online entrepreneurs in Nigeria to share the story of their first income online.

You know that feeling when something you started out as a joke started making you money?

You smile like a man who has been given a love portion by a Calabar girl.

These online entrepreneurs are not only bloggers. Some are internet marketers, freelance writers, affiliate marketers, developers, web designers and other respective fields.

I do really thank them for taking the time out to contribute to this roundup post.

It is actually my first roundup post.

It was a very tedious work for me to put this up but i’m sure that it is worth the trouble.

So, if you’re just starting out online and you’ve not made a dime yet, don’t give up.

There’s still hope for you.

No matter how long it’s going to take you, your hustle must pay one day.

Just don’t stop yet. Keep grinding. Keep thriving. Keep moving.

People are watching.

You’ll be rewarded accordingly.

Befrore we move on, let me share a little story of my first money online:

I made my first money online two months after blogging. I started blogging 4th March, 2015 and I made my first money online, May 31st, 2015.

I saw an advert on Jide’s Bloggers Forum, looking for a writer to write for a tech blog. Then, I knew nothing about tech blogging but I applied to write for the blog.

The post is super long...

You can continue reading it here >>>

I would also like to know how you made your first money online.

Let's roll


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