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1). You must confess your sin of masturbation like that of fornication; and ask the Lord to forgive you.
2). You Must Hate it with perfect hatred: The reason you have probably continued to do masturbation despite the fact that you feel so ashamed and have confessed to God each time it happened is majorly because you have never hated it. Masturbation is your enemy- a demon spirit that has been given an assignment to drag you to hell. God will NEVER DELIVER YOU FROM THE ENEMY (THE MASTURBATION) YOU LIKE/LOVE UNTIL YOU HATE IT WITH A PERFECT HATRED (Psalm 139:21-22). God will only deliver you from the enemy you seriously hate and have acknowledged before Him as an enemy you truly hate.
3). Be Ready To Reject The Initial Feelings: Now, whenever it comes, there's an initial feeling that comes with it. It is that initial feeling you must watch out for all the time, so you don't slip into it.
(4). Be deliberately conscious of God's presence. Christians who commit masturbation do so because they have an inner conscious belief that God is only in the church, and not with them right there before the act begins. And after they have done it, their eyes are clear and they begin to feel dirty and sorry in their hearts, because to them, they feel that God has just returned. So, my brothers and sisters, stop losing the consciousness of God’s presence, instead see Him and the angels looking at you. Imagine Jesus looking at you, remember he is everywhere. So, what will you do if you believe that Jesus is right there with you? Choose the influence of the spirit of masturbation, and disgrace Jesus who died for you on the cross? No! You would have to choose Jesus and then reject the feelings instantly by saying, 'You spirit of masturbation, I reject you now, in the name of Jesus.''I soak my hands, fingers and my sexual organ with the blood of Jesus. I command you to get thee behind me, in Jesus name. I bind you spirit of masturbation and cast you out of my private part and my fingers and mind, in Jesus name. Soak your mind with the word! -Psalm 1. (Start building a passion of hatred against it, God will not deliver you from what you love but from the sinful habit you hate, when you call it your enemy.' Psm 139:21-24): so declare, "I hate and denounce you, you spirit of masturbation, in Jesus name." The first time or two you practice this may not do to give you a final victory. You have to be ready to keep resisting the spirit of masturbation in the name of Jesus, as many times as possible even when you have a flashback-1 Pet. 5:8-9.
5). Don't Put Your Hand In The Sensitive Places: Avoid putting your hand in your pants to feel your pubic hair etc while you are in bed. Also put off videos and throw away videos that promotes nudity and obscene sexual behaviours.
6). Don't Idolise Your Nakedness: Avoid admiring your private parts, especially when you are bathing or completely naked before a mirror. The moment you find your thoughts almost wandering away into obscene pictures, quickly reject and bind the thought; and declare, "Father! I thank you that I am wonderfully and fearfully made for your purpose; as the temple of the Holy Spirit, I yield my entire body including all my sacred parts to you; cleanse me with the blood of Jesus, and use my entire being to glorify your name, in Jesus name".
7). Discard Anything That Initiates Masturbation: you must throw away or avoid any object, or anything that's pornographic in nature. Redirect your thoughts from the picture of the opposite sex, or objects that gives you a starter course. Read also Phil 4:8.
8). Trust God Completely: Walk by faith and not by feelings or by your physical trial. Many have said to me "I am trying to stop". You can never succeed by your human effort. This is where many Christians have failed and will continue to be overcome by the spirit of masturbation. This is what I mean: you didn't try to be saved and then as your effort increased you then become born again. This is the deceitfulness of religion practiced by many churches that believe that you must go through some church dogma before you become a church member and a candidate of heaven. Oh no! This is where religion is different from the Christianity Jesus came to bring us into. Now! This is the truth! Salvation, which comprises of forgiveness and deliverance from forces of darkness, is COMPLETELY THE WORK OF FAITH. Faith is absolute trust, a total abandonment of oneself in Christ for His victory. Only your faith in Christ makes you see the victory He has purchased for you over forces of hell, including masturbation. So, just trust Him to help you. If you start trusting Christ to help you as you love Him to do so, you will receive your deliverance, not just from masturbation, but from any other thing that tends to dominate your life. Don't forget that faith works by love.
9). Wait On God: Take at least between 3 and 7 days to fast and pray to God to completely divorce you from spirit of masturbation that has since gotten attached to you like a partner.
10). Develop More Love For God: Finally, grow your love for God, by following and obey His Word. Remember, Jesus said, in John 14:15 "If ye love me, keep my commandments." So, please show Him how much you love by choosing to do what gladdens Him.
Finally, kindly note also that there's is no richest and stronger ways a man could be permanently delivered, other than through the knowledge of God's Word. For Jesus Christ to win over satan's temptation wasn't just because He quoted what was written, He lived out the Word in complete obedience to God. Jesus said, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). Simply looking at this statement, this may suggest that once one knows the word of God, victory is imminent. But this is far from what Jesus was saying. The Word of God we receive, not just hear, which holds the truth or the revelation we desire or need for our freedom, produces the appropriate faith that enables us to access what belongs to us. And so, the Word "know" goes beyond acquisition of knowledge. It describes the process of marrying or copulating one's heart with the truth of the Word to produce the fruit of the Word.
John 8:32, could be understandably rendered, "And the truth you receive and practice will give you your freedom".
2 Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.
After your prayer and fasting, and you are led to go to a man or woman to pray with you, please do so. If you don’t feel free to go to your priest or pastor, feel free to call any of our numbers at the bottom of this post. Go straight to the point and say, like this: "I read the post over masturbation and was really blessed; I have just finished my prayer and fasting for deliverance over the spirit of masturbation, and I humbly request that you pray an agreement prayer for me".

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