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That, calling the Nigerian government a criminal and terrorist isn't hate speech
And calling many or most Nigerian politicians greedy and criminal, even incompetent, violent and deadly isn't hate speech
Also, calling majority of states in Nigeria nonviable or parasites isn't hate speech...Calling Nigeria a British contraption isn't hate speech
And saying Nigerian Constitution is an unlawful hence illegal Constitution and not the Peoples' law contrary to the claim, isn't hate speech; or that Nigerian government and $hell Oil, NNPC, other oil prospecting companies are polluters hence partners in crime against Ogoni and other oil producing communities or ethnic nations isn't hate speech
Saying there was no Nigeria until 1914, and that Nigeria was imposed by rogue Britain and Hausa-Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups, which were already in the pocket of the British thus closer to the ignoble imperialists isn't hate speech
Saying the rest of Nigerians, particularly Hausa-Fulanis, Yorubas and Igbos are cheating and exploiting---oppressing oil producing ethnic nations or groups isn't hate speech...these are all facts.
In addition, songs by Arewa or northern youths or peoples threatening or degrading Igbos or songs by Igbos or any other ethnic group to or toward any ethnic group isn't hate speech.
And Mr. Nnamdi Kanu declaring Nigeria as a zoo and Arewa Youth group giving quit notice to Igbos among other commentaries aren't hate speech. Such speeches or commentaries are protected by the freedom of speech doctrine...
Of course, Nigeria is a big zoo to a large extent, and Arewa Youth group and elders have right to say what they said to Igbos. The latter also have right to say the same or similar and differing things to Arewa youths and elder, even other groups.
The key thing is the practical and physical execution of whatever verbal comments or threats. If Arewa youths and elders proceed to forcibly remove Igbos from the North then they may have committed an offense or a crime---and this is also dependent on legal or constitutional provision or local ordinances barring such act of forcefully removing non-ethnic person or groups from any part of the country by the ethnic people or state and federal government.
Mr. Kanu telling IPOD to kill Olusegun Obasanjo if anything happen to him, based on what Obasanjo said regarding Biafra (of course, he's an arch enemy of Biafra) isn't hate speech because it's conditional and such condition is timeless
Of course the onus is Obasanjo's to seek redress in any competent and impartial court of the land, where he feels threatened or think his life is in danger consequent upon Kanu's comment
It isn't Mr. Osinbajo's or federal government's duty to seek legal redress for Obasanjo where he doesn't see any threat or even if he feels threatened. And where there is claim or allegation that someone speech caused mob action that cause bodily injuries, the destruction of properties and death, the same due process of law aimed at seeking justice for victims applies. This is also assuming it's the alleged hate speech Osinbajo allude to.
Indeed what Nigeria and its successive governments owned and controlled by Hausa-Fulanis, Yorubas and Igbos have done against and to Ogoni, Ijaw, Itsekiri and other oil producing communities, even other oppress Nigerians, are far beyond, therefore worst than so-called or non sequitur hate speeches and alleged terrorism which Osinbajo claim those he categorized as hate speech makers have committed.
If Osinbajo didn't know while a lawyer, and professor of law for that matter, freedom of speech and alleged hate speeches devoid of physical bodily harm including death are protected by international norms, American Constitution and even the unlawful and illegal military constitution of Nigeria.
Therefore, neither Mr. lawyer-pastor, Osinbajo who should have known better except for vapor-like power and doing the bids of Buhari, a military dictator and Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo politicians and oligarchs---cabal, nor Buhari or the federal government has the right or credibility to accuse anyone or group of hate speech.
Of course, the above are all factual, hence hate speech doesn't apply, but spirit of free speech at work!
                                By Ben Ikari
copied from 

Legbara Nubor Legbara


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