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Be The Driver of Your own Agenda, Don't follow the bandwagon because your destinations are Different- The "Principal" Dax George-Kelly
Many people who know me know me as a Man of my own independent mind and I weigh my actions from all sides
I owe no one explanations as I am liable and Responsible for the Consequences of my actions but for the sake of Posterity, I have to tell the world why I walked for WIKE.
I personally worked and Voted for my Party the PDP in 2015 because I "PERSONALLY" wanted a Governor who would do two things
1. Job creation and Industrialization
2. Empowerment
In these Two Areas, "PERSONALLY" I am not impressed at all but Life is Dynamic and Not Static.
The world doesn't rotate around me even if my desires have not been met but Like The Minister of Transportation and Former Governor-Rotimi Amaechi Said
"I think It's too Early to judge the Governor, I think he needs more time then we can start making comparisons with what he got and What I got and what I achieved within 1,2 and 3 years with the funds available and what he got and what he achieved within that stipulated period"
He has been Governor for 27 months out of 48months and Personally I score him a little above average.
It is like you are on a 4 Year course in the University and By your second Year, You are on a CGPA of 3.00.
This means you have an opportunity of either working hard to Grow your GPA to either 3.5 to Graduate with a second class upper or even first Class which is 4.5 or Decline to Third Class, The choice is yours.
If He has spent 27 months on Infrastructure, Then the Rest 21 months should be focused on Employment Generation and Empowerment.
When I was asked to join the walk, I had to ask myself, Outside your personal reasons, HAS THR GOVERNOR'S VISION REALLY AFFECTED RIVERS PEOPLE AND YOUR OWN PEOPLE?
On Sunday, After leaving the Skyfall Lounge I took a cab to the pleasure park and took a walk and pictures at night then I went on a fact finding mission on other projects before sitting down to make my decision
1. The Dualization of Bori-Sapekenwa Road: I come from Eleme but In the spirit of "brotherhood", I am Ogoni Man. This Bori Sapekpenwa road is a full stretch 15Km Road that Leads the whole world to the Ogoni Kingdom.
The last " MAJOR" work on that Road was in the Melford Okilo Regime in the 80's.
This Road connects Gokana, Tai,Khana, then Opobo/Nkoro and Adoni by Road.
The Economic Activities in these Areas is nothing Reasonable because A One Lane Road with a small and Lanky Access can never bring Serious Investors to your destination.
Odili came..Nothing much happened
Amaechi came..Made Promises..He even made an Ogoni son Commissioner of works but Nothing happened
But when WIKE came, He allocated N10B for the construction of that Road and Today, Everyone including members of the Opposition are shocked.
What no other person could do for my People..WIKE is doing it
2. THE PORT HARCOURT PLEASURE PARK: Many people have called WIKE names while others are in appreciation of having a Relaxation spot in Port Harcourt.
As a Young man,I was ashamed that There is no place in This Port Harcourt metropolitan city where people can properly go for Relaxation and Holidays. We had to go to Tinapa Resort or Obudu Cattle Ranch in calabar for site seeing and enjoyment.
I always looked at talking to Investors to set up an amusement park in this city but when WIKE CAME,He came with the Midas Touch.
Note: Outside, This fact of A Relaxation spot, The present location where the pleasure park is sitting was like a Ritual spot in this state outside been a criminal den. People were taken there to do all sorts of initiations and devilish activities including Keeping Kidnap victims there.
Nyesom WIKE came in with the Midas touch a Miracle or Magic Happened
A 17 Hectares Kidnappers and Ritualists Den was converted to one of the most beautiful pleasure parks in West Africa.
A Pleasure Park that comes with several Facilities including a Golf Course ensuite by Bori Camp.
In time to Come, A 5 star hotel will stand there and it would a glorious Time for Tourism in this state.
3. Security: The security of Life and Properties is the Key concern of any Executive Arm of Government because They swore to protect lives and Properties.
The Security Situation is something as I would be dedicating the Rest of this month to talk about.
This made me research on the efforts made by the Nyesom WIKE Administration
A. Reopening of The Courts: The last Administration had closed down the Courts for over a Year thereby bringing a major crack on our criminal justice system.The Port Harcourt Prison was full.. Every Police Station was full above their capacity
There was no court to Try Criminals so the Police resorted to Arresting and granting them Bail immediately. This resulted to the upsurge of criminal activities in the State.
A notorious cultist once boasted while threatening someone back then "Last, Last na money.. I no go fit sleep for station..NEVER!"
b. Adequate funding of the security Apparatus in the state:The security forces suffered a major negligence in execution of their duties because they were soo many complexities blended with Politics. From The Days of Joseph Mbu, The self acclaimed " Dog abi Lion Tamer", The Police was underfunded because The Former Governor had a very Unique Political situation in his Hands.. The Nyesom WIKE led Administration has done the following in funding the security Apparatus
I. 130 police Vans has been purchased for the Nigerian Police force in just two Years.
II. 15 APC Artillery Trucks for the Nigerian Police
III. Over 30 vehicles for the Nigerian Army
IV. 10 gun boats for the Nigerian Navy
V. Over a Thousand Bulletproof vests and Helmet to the Nigerian Police Force
C. Demolition of Criminal hideouts: The Nyesom WIKE led Administration took the Bull by the Horn and demolished over 10 criminal hideouts and shanties/Ghettoes.
They include
- The Rumuolemini "EAGLE CEMENT" Area
- Eagle Island
- Many parts of Diobu
- Many in Town and Abuloma
These were dreaded places you dare not go in the evenings..
D. Amnesty and Disarmament: 22,430 Cultists in this state were given Amnesty with Over 1,000 Ak 47 Rifles,911 hand made arms, 7,661 live ammunitions, Over 147 explosives, 3 RPG LAUNCHERS, hundreds of sub machine guns, Pump actions and smoke guns That can start and sustain Guirella warfare in a Full scale Civil War for a Week..
Despite all these.. the situation in this state is something else
There are 14 Police Check points from the Choba Bridge to Ahoda Yet Criminals still have their right of way..
In as much as the Governor can not go and chase criminals at 2am, There is more to be done..
4. Investments: In as much as I am advocate of the Governor championing Industrialization and Job creation like Diette spiff did, I would not fail to also commend him for the much He has done.
This is because I have also decided to move from writing to speaking DIRECTLY to both Domestic and Foreign Investors to come invest in Rivers State. I would continually write and still keep talking. As I speak to you, I am getting positive Feedbacks and nods based on Public Private Partnership (PPP) because Rivers State has
1. A 3 -5 years tax holiday for prospective investors.
2. An offering for free land with a certificate of occupancy.
3. A team to give technical and advisory support to ensure a smooth start up in the state.
4. Government's Direct Involvement to make sure There would be no challenges at all..
5. I am a Loyal Member of My Party- The people's Democratic Party(PDP)
I have been a "CARD CARRYING MEMBER" of the PDP since 2011 but a Fan since 1999 as a Young Lad.You want to know how I got a membership card since 2011 when many of our party leaders do not have? That is a story for another day... I am not just social media member or fanatic supporter of The PDP.
My party forbids it's members to speak against her elected officials through the public media.
If you have any grievances,You write to the Party Leadership on Paper to call that leader to order but That only happens on paper because the Party Leadership at all Levels are loyal to their individual Party leaders. What we have are organizations and not independent institutions.
This is why I am a constructive Critic of the Wike Administration, Proffering solutions to challenges than just calling them out and abusing them.
No! They are my Leaders but If They fail, My party has failed so I will continually speak in the direction of Light...
6. My Connect with The Source Connect: I share a Bond with the "PRESENT" Leadership of the source connect..
Dike Vincent Amadi who is the Leader is like an Elder Brother to me. He holds me in Love and High esteem
Otunba Barryda Leyiga found a Brother in me
Ichenwo Goodluck found a Friend and Crase man in me
Kabari J. Barivule found a very Close Brother
Zinami Wordsmith Iwariso found a Friend he could count on in me and our bond forever remains strong
I can not turn them down when they are doing something iconic.
Dike..Oh My Brother Dike!
A blessed man with a Blessed political insight. A man truely ahead of his time.
How can you explain that
A man would celebrate his birthday and his wife would give birth to a beautiful daughter the same day and The next Day He held the Largest "NON MOBILIZED" Political Gathering EVER Held in the History of Rivers State with less than 60% of the initial Budget to fund it. It was more than a miracle that It did not rain in Port Harcourt on his Birthday(5th sept) and on the day of the march(6th Sept).
I would love to state categorically clear that No money was given to Nobody. I and Ezebunwo Ichemati even spent my our own money for Logistics of some persons..
7. I had the privilege of meeting my friends on social media for the first time and the Love, Praises and Appreciation was HUMBLING.
I was humbled
At least I and Marshal Obuzor were together for over 2 hours where I showed him that Eleme Boys are stronger than Epkeye Men....
The Walk is not an endorsement for 2019..He doesn't need to be distracted, He needs to do more..
You can call me JOHNNY WALKER cos I chose to walk a Shorter Distance than the others BUT IN THE END .....................
Okazu Powers


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