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Corruption according to the dictionary is:
The act of corrupting or of impairing integrity, virtue, or moral principle; the state of being corrupted or debased; loss of purity or integrity; depravity; wickedness; impurity; bribery.
There are major words in that definition I will like to major on in this article. They include; integrity, moral principle, being debased, wickedness and bribery.
To further hit on this topic I will like to tell you who a Biafran is.
Biafra is a nation of many ethnicities with divers languages with the Igbo as the majority and central ethnic nation. Not withstanding there are other ethnicities that comprise Biafra but share similar culture, pride and food with the Igbo.
Biafra is so vast that even the Igbo itself have divers forms with divers dialects but same language. Ijaw ethnicity like the Igbo is also comprised of different forms with divers ijaw dialects and languages but the same people. Same can be said of other ethnicities like the urhobo relationship with Isoko etc.
A Biafran is proud, independent and bold. We believe life is to be fought and conquered by that which the Almighty God has blessed you with not by forcefully taking that which belongs to others.
We don't envy other people's wealth or land by going to conquer them and ruling over them but wherever we find ourselves we contribute to make the place better than we met it because we believe we have a responsibility to better our environment.
In Biafra we value human life and dignity to the extent that we don't condole ill treatments of strangers. Come to any Biafran city and attack an innocent person, you will be shocked to see others defend them even before you explain yourself.
We Biafrans don't celebrate those who make great wealth through unexplainable means but who through hard work were able to rise above the arena of failures and put him/herself in the pivot of success.
We are capitalists so we believe that every man must face life for himself and conquer life. We are not trained to conquer men but life. This is why it was so easy to divide us.
We abhor unclean money and detest those who champion it. When discovered, we make them so unpopular that no one can pick a pin out of him.
We love healthy competitions and challenges but we detest foul play.
We defend our families, communities and nations as an eternal duty against invaders, thieves and all those who seek to take undue advantage of our hospitality to strangers and visitors.
We know power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely so we always keep checks and balances on all our traditional institutions, in some places in Biafra there are no kings or monarch at all but the deity is the King. Everyone gathers before the deity to pay obeisance, worship and take communal instructions for effective societal developments.
Before the white men came with corruption, most of our languages lack the similarity of that word. There were no vast difference between the elites and the people. We recognised that all men were born equal and as such deserves the best in life equally.
This is to show you that culturally, there couldn't have been anything like corruption in Biafra as all the doorways to corruption were traditionally locked up.
I classified Bini along with Yoruba because they share similar culture and tradition. Bini might differ from Yoruba in some respects but you can't rule it out that they share certain obvious similarities no one can ignore.
Yoruba is a vast nation and to be sincere with you, I admire them in many ways I may not say in this article.
Unlike the Biafrans, they are a warrior nation and take glory in conquest.
As a warrior, the spoils of war is the entitlement of the king or warlord and his warrior subjects.
They glory in the vastness of their kingdoms and the expansion of their territories.
As a warrior nation they make war with both outsiders and insiders.
Their culture is a war-like culture. They live to conquer and reconquer if they were conquered.
They are great strategists: it is in their DNA. There's no Yoruba son that doesn't understand the strategies of war and how to win with minimal stress whether he is formally educated or not.
They know superior enemies and know how to be loyal when necessary until loyalty duration expires.
They apply more than five strategies on a particular attack in order to find at least one to fall back on if four fails.
They are as friendly as they are deadly. Friendly with the naive and deadly to any who pose to be a potential competitor. The beauty of their style is that you don't know when you have been marked for the kill or when you are still considered naive.
They welcome strangers and make you comfortable within them provided you have something to offer but if not they may not care.
You can't pretend too much before them because they always test the waters to bring out the you in you: they are very tactical.
They can be very corrupt and self seeking if the resources available seem not to be enough.
Because they must fight for their own and oppress the naive ones to their own benefits.
Their attitude that gives way for corruption is what I will call "the spoils of war attitude". After fighting, whatever comes out of it is not sin.
Considering that propaganda is a part of war strategies, they are lords of this art. This they have employed in the unending internal war of the zoo (Nigeria) to keep their positions intact since the white skin left us.
Fulani is the elite tribe of the Hausa nation so you will forgive me if I mention Fulani more instead of Hausa.
The Fulanis are conquerors. They believe that their god gave them the right to take over other people's lands and rule over them.
Living in Hausa land for some centuries now has made them to imbibe the accommodating culture of the Hausa but they only exhibit that attitude on one on one basis not when it comes in between their colonisation ideology or their religious imposition ideology.
Hausa people are so generous that they believe that if one is rich, he is rich for all to enjoy. So you will see them hosting the poor everyday in their houses.
They are never selfish. They don't attach much to life unlike the Oduduwa and Biafrans that believe life must be conquered as an individual.
They are loyal to their religion and don't trade it for anything else in life.
Their lives are very simple: pray, eat, sleep with your wife (wives) and obey your leaders.
They don't believe everybody must be rich in life so those who were born poor accepts their fate and those who were born rich or become rich in life believes it is god ordained.
Their followership is religious as religion is the crux of their nation. Religion is the soul of their nation and they expand their nation through the expansion of their religion.
Even though they are very religious, their religiousness doesn't affect their corruptness because they culturally believe that what belongs to the nation belongs to the King. The big man takes it all and the poor care less about the activities of the one that god gave power over him.
This is why they find it difficult to understand the questioning attitude of Biafrans over their questionable leaderships and the ever scheming attitude of Oduduwa to outsmart them and get to power ahead of them.
These are the dramas that go on and on in the zoo.
So in order to to be able to meet up the demands of bigmanism in their home towns, they must remain rich at all cost or remain in power at all cost and take as much government funds as possible as it is believed that the state fund is the king's property so the politians in power believe that at the time they are in power that the state funds in their personal properties.
Corruption in Nigeria is a culture that was born out of the unholy union of unmixable cultures.
The power to money cultural corruption in Nigeria takes its root from Hausa Fulani culture while the bribery to access corruption takes its root from Yoruba culture.
The Biafrans are oppressed totally as their culture have no place in the Nigeria system. Their politicians are masters of none of the prevailing corruption cultures and political war systems playing out in Nigeria so at the end in order to survive politically they expose their people to political dangers and set their people as political preys before the wild animals in the zoo called Nigeria.
This is why Biafrans are demanding for a referendum where we can fully exhibit our true potentials and build a nation to the admiration and benefit of the whole world.
Tari Nemi


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